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Our Main Fields

Homeland Security
Protection for Financial & Industrial Institutions

Why choose us?


Over 20 years of industry and business expertise


A team of professionals with significant product and system experience, with an emphasis on aviation and strategic security.


Active participants in the development of security assets and systems


We assist security corporations and security-oriented high-tech companies in discovering the appropriate markets for their goods.


We offer consulting services to clients all around the world, as well as assistance in locating and implementing innovative solutions and customizing products for unique security requirements.

Market Penetration

A special emphasis is placed on assisting young and innovative high-tech firms in developing new business prospects and expanding market penetration.


We represent a variety of prominent factories specializing in high-end manufacturing in the United States, the European Union, Africa, and Asia.

Financial Support

By utilizing our professional knowledge and well-established reputation, we can aid in procuring financial backing for defense and security initiatives.


We have provided numerous solutions, both in terms of hardware and consulting services, to a wide range of high-end companies and governments throughout the world.

Tailor-made Solutions

We match each client's unique and specialized requirements with the best manufacturer that can ensure the greatest goods and the best costs.

Customer Satisfaction

Our specialized networks ensure that our clients' every demand is fully satisfied and supplied within the shortest feasible periods.

Worldwide Support

Our extensive geographical networks ensure rapid and direct access, as well as complete technical assistance.

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