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Security Training & Operations

Security Screening, Supervision, and Operation Management

Passenger Profiling

We may take over or supplement existing airport security activities. We will assign screeners, security supervisors, and site managers to any job that is required. A quality assurance team will guarantee that all local and international requirements are followed. As needed, reports on service levels will be supplied to the client.

This absolutely unique training will result in the detection of any passenger's behavioral anomalies, as well as training to validate travel papers. This capacity can assist security officers in focusing on prospective criminals and terrorists rather than allocating efforts toward the incorrect individuals. Resources can be applied based on the findings and used more efficiently.

Screener Training (passengers, HBS, and cargo)

Personnel Recruitment

Our airline screener training courses cover an introduction to x-ray machines, interpreting x-ray images, CT training, HBS, and cargo operators. ETD training is also available.

Choosing qualified and suitable security personnel is a critical component of any long-term, sustainable security team. Security professionals will be assessed on a variety of security criteria, including physical and cognitive ability. The applicant's capacity to concentrate, identify, understand, and examine x-ray images will be tested using specialized software.

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