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Aviation & Security Consultancy

Threat Analysis & Risk Management

Planning & Design

Blast Mitigation

Because complex aviation threats are always evolving, risk registers must be constantly reevaluated in order to detect vulnerable regions. To minimize high-priority risks and save resources, risk-based techniques will be implemented.

The key to securing the greatest levels of airport security is proper and meticulous planning. To ensure efficient and smooth security for travelers, the most recent available technologies will be assessed.

Malicious explosives can cause death, injury, property damage, business interruption, and lasting reputational harm. Bollards, glass protection, and blast containers are all potential blast mitigation measures that may be deployed following a property evaluation.

Security Upgrades

Surveys & Audits

To maximize efficacy, the existing funding will be used as efficiently as possible. Technology and proper processes will result in efficient, streamlined, smooth, and customer-friendly passenger handling.

The client's budget, capacity, and the severity of the results will be utilized to develop a thorough report comprising the necessary standards and measures to comply with local and international standards.

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