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Security Technology

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

Video Analytics

Access Control Systems

An integrated PIDS system will detect, notify, and verify any effort to climb on, cut, raise, or jack the fence. A dependable solution with a low false-positive rate may be tailored to interface with CCTV, access control systems, thermal cameras, and other systems.

Hot spot regions do not need to be continually monitored by an operator because alerts will be triggered by multiple sets of rules for every camera, notifying the operator and allowing them to respond appropriately. This results in a cost-effective solution that saves staff, improves productivity, and ensures that significant situations do not go unnoticed.

The key to preventing an unwanted/unauthorized person or vehicle from accessing a guarded location is access control systems. Security elements on coded cards include a picture, holograms, magnetic chips, and electronic chips. To improve card security, a biometric characteristic such as a fingerprint, palm print, vein pattern, iris, or face can be employed.

Perimeter Fences & Gates


Facial Recognition

Vehicle road barriers, grips, gates, and booms are all examples of potential solutions suggested by the threats and risk assessment. A high-level security fence will delay any burglar using conventional/power tools long enough to equal the reaction time.

A Video Management System (VMS) is an essential tool for any secure site, and it may be used in a variety of modes, including active monitoring, exception-based, detection-based, and investigation. Indoor, outdoor, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ), day and night, long-range, and cooled (or uncooled) thermal cameras are all options. The VMS will be supplemented with video storage for review, investigation, evidence, and training reasons.

Our partner's facial recognition technology recognizes faces, bodies, and objects, as well as warnings for a Person of Interest (POI) or suspicious object. The system also functions as an access control solution for certain restricted regions, with the subject's face serving as the biometric authentication medium. The system may use VMS video to achieve 99.9% detection accuracy, which decreases the amount of false alarms created and can help combat criminal or terrorist activities.

Security Control Rooms

Passenger Screening & Body Scanning

Hand Baggage Screening

A well-designed security control room will guarantee that any event is handled in the best possible atmosphere and condition, with a focus on user-friendly technical interfaces. All isolated systems will be integrated into one central system via command, control, and communication networks. 

Archway Metal Detectors (AMD), Hand-Held Metal Detectors (HHMD), Millimetre-wave scanners, backscatter devices, and low-dose x-ray are among the technologies used.

There are several x-ray configurations available, such as single and multi-view x-rays, Computerised Tomography (CT), and networked x-ray devices.

Cargo Screening

Hold Baggage Screening (HBS)

Detection of Liquids, Aerosols, and Gels (LAGS)

To cover the whole air cargo supply chain, new TSA and ECAC laws impose different adjustments to the air freight operation. Cargo screening methods include x-ray machines, ETD equipment, canines, and others, as well as entire design and execution of air cargo security systems.

Based on luggage throughput, airport layout, and other complicated aspects, a whole HBS system may be created. The design will adhere to TSA and ECAC rules, as well as all local civil aviation laws. Combinations of multi-view Explosive Detection Systems (EDS) and Computerised Tomography (CT) technology will be available. The HBS solution will be supplemented by explosive trace detection (ETD) equipment.

The current International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards require the detection of LAGS within the passenger's luggage to be automated. This is possible with the right screening equipment. It is also possible to verify and identify liquid explosives.

Vehicle Screening

According to the client's specifications, trucks, vans, and passenger vehicles can be inspected to discover illegal materials, smuggled commodities, and human trafficking. For each customer, our team will provide the most cost-effective solution. The security staff will get training.

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